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The Highest Level of Cyber Defense For Critical Communications

“If you need to communicate secret information or you need to store data and be absolutely sure that no state-sponsored hackers, no foreign governments, no intelligence agencies will be ever able to decipher the files, you will need the DBV Encryption System”

Encrypted Phones As We Know

Commercial Encrypted Phones and Encryption apps are meant to serve the general private sector with basic encryption technologies at very affordable prices, delivering basic privacy standards needed by the public.

Known Cybersecurity Failure

The phones are not really ‘military grade’ encrypted and cannot withstand heavy state sponsored cyber espionage attacks, hacking campaigns and interception of intelligence agencies and foreign governments.

Mobile Devices Encrypted With DBV Cipher Machines

Resist any attacks of unlimited resources. Above Government Level Encryption. No third party is ever able to decipher the encrypted data generated. Cyber War defense systems installed.


In recent years, the cyber attack interface has changed. According to cyber analytics, endpoints, and smartphones, are currently the most common interfaces for cyber attacks. In the past, attackers targeted the organisation’s backbone to collect data or for other malicious reasons. But as smartphones entered the business world, cyberattacks changed their interface to target mobile phones.

How The Encryption Procedure Works

Until recently, and in most cases this is still true, the encryption keys are software generated. The encryption software is installed on your phone and is usually powered by the company’s servers and clouds.

In the case of the DBV encryption system, the Encryption Keys are generated independently by the user, with a combination of the cipher software and the internal hardware encryption engine, a modern and sophisticated encryption machine.

No Keys Exchange With DBV Cipher Machines

Traditionally encryption keys generated, are exchanged with third parties with which you communicate (public keys exchange).

DBV Encryption Keys are never exchanged with third parties. Encryption keys used, never leave the encryption device and are never stored. The two communicating parties use the ‘pre-shared secret’ tech.

DBV Cipher Machine Encryption Keys

Encryption Keys are generated by the user only, and never stored, anywhere at any given time. Keys are generated offline, for a few milliseconds and permanently erased from the device after the encryption session ends.

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