Impenetrable Personal, Unique, SuperEncrypted


The Highest Level of Cyber Defense for Sensitive Data

If you need to communicate top classified information or you need to store secret data and be absolutely sure that no state-sponsored hackers, no foreign governments, no intelligence agencies will be ever able to decipher the files, you need an Above Military Level Offline Super Encryption System.

Impenetrable Personal, Unique, SuperEncrypted System for each client, coming with a dedicated set of encryption algorithms, allowing to create a private, individual communication network and encrypted databases.

The User can create an infinite number of symmetric keys with just a ‘passphrase’. Each key generated is in the length up to “one-time-pad”, that is mathematically uncrackable.



nothing stored.. nothing to hack!

The DBV Encryption System protects users from all types of data breaches and withstands any online or offline hacking attacks for one simple reason……

it does not store or share any encryption keys, data, information, or related files


the technology

The DBV Encryption System​ is an end-to-end encrypted technology based on One Time Pad and does not store or share any encryption keys.

Peer to peer-based communication between devices, ​encryption keys not passing through any servers​ so that there is no third party involved at any given moment.


nothing can be ever extracted

The DBV Encryption System does not store permanently and has no way to store data, information, keys, passwords, or any other form of memory.

No useful information can be ever retrieved, no matter what tools are used.


the digitalbank vault encryption system

The DBV encryption System is a stand alone solution, consisting of hardware (cipher system) and software.

It does not require any integration to your current cyber security solutions, but it’s an additional layer of cyber defense that enables you to withstand any type of data cyber attack.

We provide desktop, as well as mobile cipher systems.


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