“Dive Into The New Age Of AI Unbreakable Encryption”

Securing our world against cybercrime is crucial, because, as we all know, it can lead to financial losses, identity theft, and even physical harm in some cases. It can also disrupt critical infrastructure and cause widespread damage to businesses and governments. In today’s increasingly digital world, cybercrime has become a major threat to individuals and organizations alike. 

If your company has fallen victim to cybercriminals, you know better than anyone how disastrous the consequences can be. 

Sensitive data related to employee and/or customer privacy or belonging to intellectual property may be stolen or openly published as a blackmail tool. 

Cybercriminals know that in most occasions their victims prefer to keep under wraps that they’ve been hacked and pay high sums of money (ransom) for it. For your company, this means a huge attack on the cash flow, and for criminals yet another success story and incentive to keep this lucrative business going. 

Of course, as a company, you take the necessary measures to prevent this. Certainly, if you have already been a victim and have had to draw sour conclusions from that. 

But…. despite all measures, you have no 100% guarantee that criminals cannot (or cannot again) gain access to your sensitive data. And if they have access at all, they often are been in for a long time to poke around and look for important data; aka their goldmine. 

Although you cannot 100% prevent internet criminals from gaining access to your data (after all, small mistakes can have large consequences and security is only as strong as the weakest link), you can ensure that your data is impossible to read. Data they can’t read is worthless and useless to those criminals because they can’t do anything with it; do not share, do not read and therefore do not use publishing or stealing it as a means of blackmail. 

We, Dfend, offer a solution to make this happen with DBV encryption technology. A quantum-safe solution that is absolutely unbreakable. So, you’re data won’t be at risk anymore!




it provides a level of security that traditional encryption methods simply cannot match. With quantum-safe encryption, your data is protected against even the most powerful quantum computers, which can easily break traditional encryption. This means that your sensitive information, whether it’s financial data, personal information, or confidential business data, is kept safe and secure, even in the face of new and emerging threats.


quantum-safe encryption is future-proof, meaning it will continue to provide protection in the face of ever-evolving technology. As quantum computing continues to develop, traditional encryption methods will become increasingly vulnerable, but the security provided by quantum-safe encryption is designed to last for decades to come.


quantum-safe encryption is highly flexible and adaptable, meaning it can be used in a variety of contexts and applications. This makes it an ideal solution for businesses and organizations of all sizes, as well as individual users who need to keep their data secure.

In summary, quantum-safe encryption offers a new level of security and protection for your data that simply cannot be matched by traditional encryption methods. It is future-proof, highly adaptable, and an ideal solution for any business that takes its data security seriously.

With our DBV Quantum-Safe encryption technology, everyone can continue to work as they used to, you can share or email files, but for outsiders, your files are an impenetrable load of indefinable characters. How it works and how do we do that? 

We are happy to explain it to you in more detail! Visit our website or leave your contact details here for more information.

The DBV One Time Pad Super Encryption Technology Is Unbreakable

  • Text Messages and Emails
  • Voice Messages 
  • Audio Messages
  • Video Images  
  • Images and Video Files
  • All Types of Documents, Files, and Databases
  • Customized Set of Encryption Algorithms for each individual client  

Share the quantum-safe encrypted content on all platforms you are currently using for your online communications such as Whatsapp, Telegram, Skype, Facebook Messenger, SMS, Gmail, and more…

Store securely your ultra-encrypted data on any cloud storage services such as Google Drive, Amazon, Dropbox

Store Uncrackable encrypted files on your devices, computers, servers 

Our DBV Encryption technology does not store or share any encryption keys

Peer-to-Peer based communication between devices

No need to integrate with or influence your current cybersecurity system

Encryption keys not passing through any servers; there is no third party involved at any given moment 

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