Secure Your Data With Quantum-Safe Data Encryption

Without questioning the measures companies take to arm themselves against cybercrime, it is all too common for companies, despite all efforts made, to fall victim to malware and ransomware. Thinking it won’t happen to you because you employ or have hired the best cybersecurity specialist is a mistake many make. There is no 100% guarantee of cyber security, because you work with people and people can make mistakes. Small mistakes can have large consequences; in other words, security is only as good as its weakest link!

Of course you can close and barricade all ports so no one can enter, but that usually has the consequence that working on the network entails the necessary inconveniences.

What you can do, is secure the data in such a way that a cybercriminal cannot use it. Data they can’t read is worthless to them. Exerting blackmail by threatening that your data will be exposed or sold to fellow criminals does not work if they cannot read any of your data and have no way of accessing the content. You may have been hacked and/or your system is being held hostage, but it is no more than an inconvenience if your data is safe. There is no risk of data breaches or paying huge ransoms as there is nothing to negotiate for these cybercriminals.

So how do you secure your data? Not with the usual encryption methods, because they will no longer hold up with the advent of quantum computers. With a quantum computer, an encryption is decrypted in no time and then you nevertheless are screwed.

You better consider quantum-secure encryption because, as mentioned, quantum computers have the potential to break through traditional encryption methods. And that was precisely the solution to secure confidential data and communication, was it?

Quantum computers use a different computer architecture than classical computers, allowing them to factor large numbers exponentially faster than classical computers. Quantum computers can break through traditional encryption algorithms such as RSA or elliptic curve cryptography with the greatest of ease.

That is why we have developed encryption algorithms to address the potential threat of quantum computers. These algorithms are designed to be guaranteed to be secure against attacks from both classical and quantum computers and several combined techniques are used to encrypt data. For example, you can think of grid-based cryptography or hash-based cryptography.

By implementing quantum-safe encryption, you can ensure that your sensitive data is 100% protected, even if it comes into the hands of cybercriminals using a quantum computer.

The DBV Quantum-Safe Data Encrypte provides a four-layer encryption, consisting of a combination of different encryption techniques.

Each encryption system is configured custom-made, so only you can decrypt your data with a self-created “passphrase”. No keys are stored; not on the workstation and not on the network.

The key that is generated is a matter of a few milliseconds. After that it disappears and cannot be found by anyone. Files can only be unlocked with your own passphrase.

So what can you encrypt? The answer is “everything from texts and files to complete databases”.

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