Quantum Safe Technology
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The race to protect the world’s most sensitive data from the quantum threat is at a critical point


1 Tr
Global Cybercrime Damage
75 M
Annual Malware Infections
250 M
Annual Ransomware Attacks
100 M
Quarterly Ransom Payments

Impeccable Reliability

Why We Are The Best

Imagine…. more than two million cyber-attacks are executed worldwide, every day!

They affect individuals, companies, healthcare services, banks, critical industries, governments, armies, and more.

All of our connected devices are at risk.
We are spied on, deeply compromised in our integrity, and often even without knowing it!

That’s why every company and organization needs a solution to keep all data safe without compromise.

We represent the worldwide leading expert having your solution, easy to implement on any platform. A secure solution that makes your data completely useless for internet criminals, thanks to ultra-high standards on quantum-safe encryption.

Even if you are hacked, your data can not be read!


an encryption technology that can’t be deciphered

Dive Into the New Age of AI Unbreakable Encryption

The Quantum Safe Encryption can’t be deciphered by any hacking teams, illegitimate entities or State Sponsored Hackers . QSE is mathematically uncrackable.

resist any attacks of unlimited resources

Quantum-Resistant Cryptographic Working Stations & Mobile Cipher Devices

The QST Cipher System is a stand alone solution, that does not require any integration into your current cyber security solutions. We provide you with an additional layer of cyber defense to withstand any type of data theft. 



Random Encryption Keys are generated by the user only and after a few milliseconds erased permanently from the system.

Not stored anywhere, and never exchanged.

Therefore cannot be intercepted or hacked



4 Consecutive Layers of Symmetric Encryption: OTP, AES 256, Blowfish 448 + and TwoFish 256.

DBV SuperEncryption is unbreakable and indecipherable, no matter how much computational power you will apply.




Impenetrable Personal, Unique, SuperEncrypted System for each client, coming with a dedicated set of encryption algorithms, allowing to create of a private, individual communication network and encrypted databases.

Encrypted Files convey zero info about the original content.


forever secure

Air Gapped, Immune to remote hacking and espionage, ransomware, malware, data breach, surveillance

You Deserve The Best Of Security To Keep Your Data Safe For Internet crime

“Data That Cannot be Read Is Useless To Cyber Criminals”


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